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Here is why Minnie Dlamini's Pregnancy is so Touchy to Many People

Date 13/10/2020

Many people would agree that all pregnancies are special and have their own different stories. The popular television presenter and business woman Minnie Dlamini Jones is not different, her story is also very touchy.

Minnie took the social media followers by surprise on 12 September 2020 when she announced that she together with her husband Quinton Jones are expecting a baby, she shared this on her husband's birthday.

The Durban beauty explained what this pregnancy meant to them and many fans shared the same sentiments with her.

She said that the pregnancy was a miracle, considering that she had just lost her younger brother Khosini Dlamini almost a year ago. She expressed how her soon to be born baby was the proving God right by saying,

"Our family has suffered such a painful loss, however God has proven to us that, with death comes a new life and we welcome this life wholeheartedly," read Minnie's Instagram post.

Many of her fans shared the same sentiments and feelings about this whole journey. They stated how they also see it as Khosini's replacement, God's comfort.

Minnie continues to enjoy her pregnancy journey. She frequently shares posts of her pregnancy and pictures, the delight on Mrs. Jones cannot be hidden, she truly looks happy. There is massive support for Minnie on her social media handles.

This comes after she has received a lot of cyber bullying and insensitive comments about her not falling pregnant in three years of marriage. Minnie tried to put out the fires but frequently had stereotypes coming out of the blue.

Even when she revealed the gender of her soon to be born baby on Saturday 10 October 2020 on her Instagram page, fans flocked in with blue hearts that symbolize love for the unborn baby boy 💙.

Minnie also told her fans that the baby shower was a surprise which was planned by her mother in her hometown in Durban. Minnie was smiling and glimmering in almost all of her photos on her Instagram.

In conclusion Minnie's pregnancy is touchy because it is a replacement of death with life. During the midst of that loss and Covid-19 outbreak, she got these cheerful news.

It is also special because of the three years of no child in their marriage, although this is not a requirement for marriage. Minnie always expressed love for children and wanted to have her own as well.

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