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Uyajola9/9 premiere goes wrong as episode ends ten minutes early

Uyajola99 is a show on Moja Love that helps people find out if their significant others are being unfaithful. It is often through invasive surveillance that this information is found and presented by Jub Jub to the complainant. The formula should be easy but something went wrong.

The premiere was the the most highly anticipated one this week.

Due to Amanda Du Pont speaking out and more women coming forward against him, it looked like Jub Jub might lose his show on Moja Love. However, all it took for him to return was an apology letter to Kelly Khumalo. He is back onscreen but his production team may have needed more time.

This week during the second episode, a woman quickly forgave her cheating boyfriend before any confrontation could happen. She was kissing him on the lips and swearing at the other woman. The action cut a lot of time from the episode. It felt unfinished and with so many adverts spliced between it was... off.

People noticed immediately that something was wrong and took to Twitter to point it out.

One user complained and wrote, "@Mojalove guys we are paying u how can 15 minutes of Mjolo drama goes to waste like that. This is disrespect you were supposed to [squeeze] another episode there ai man. #Uyajola99"

While another user wrote, "That was too quick... The show didn't even make it to 30 minutes🤣#Uyajola99"

One user wrote, "#Uyajola99 Who ever edited the 2nd episode, removed 10 minutes of content 🙆🏾‍♀️"

A final user wrote, "Jub jub re kopa content for the 11 minutes you left us with. That plus that lil glitch. Grand shap y'all owe us 20 minutes 😭  #Uyajola99"

It was disappointing that the first weekend back, the show would have a glitch in pacing like this. People's expectations were high and I don't believe they were met at all. This was a disappointing way to start but perhaps it will be better going forward.

Moja Love has since apologized for the glitch and assured viewers they would be able to watch on Catch-up.

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Source: Uyajola99 on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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