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That R2M won’t matter in heaven Twitter president Spit fire after the BBM 2022 winner was announced

The reality show Big Brother Mzansi, which aired over the past 71 days, concluded Friday night with the announcement of the show's winner at the main event in Joburg. This rigorous program premiered on March 23, and it was a joy to watch. Viewers who liked Themba's character, who sadly did not win the competition, had even more fun. Fans of Themba had a lot of fun watching the show, and it was much more enjoyable for those who didn't. 

Thousands of people flocked to Twitter before Lawrence Maleka could declare the result to argue that the money should be split between Themba and Gash1 or that the R2 million prize should be awarded to one of them. However, when Lawrence awarded the reward to Mphowabadimo, the disagreement turned to tears. 

Yes! Themba, Gash1, Libo, and Tulz had the fewest votes from #BBMzansi viewers, and Daveyton local Sangoma was handed the R2 million prize on Sunday, after the low-key and zero-tolerance winner night (3 April). 

Gash 1 and Themba the ghost looked to have gotten all the attention and accolades, but they didn't get the votes they wanted, which upset their supporters, including Twitter's president. 

While Themba's strange replies and body language were entertaining, the President of Twitter couldn't even finish his post because he was so upset that he couldn't even finish it. According to him, Mphowabadimo was a witch who stole her forefathers' votes. He also claimed that she was a witch. 

Mpho had the upper hand in this situation. As someone who can communicate with their ancestors, you have no possibility of competing with them. His tweet read: "This competition has been rigged from the start!!" 

Twitter's president, on the other hand, went to extremes by suggesting that she will not be able to access the gates of heaven because she is a Sangoma. Anger and resentment over Themba's defeat led to this act of violence. 

According to Twitter's CEO, "that 2 million won't even matter in heaven." Twitter's boss. 

Due to Mpho being the most underrated contestant from the show's start and the fact that she has always been in danger of being evicted, but she has always managed to win the show, this is the reason behind this. 

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