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You'll soon be paying a Television license for you're phone, This is why.

Now that we are in the content on demand generation, streaming our content from providers such as Netflix and Hulu, we no longer have need that much of a need for services like the SABC (South African Broadcasting Channel). This means that these services are losing funding fast and are endanger of closing down. This is the natural cycle of technology, where one piece of technology becomes obsolete when a new and improved more convenient piece of technology takes over. Similar to how CD's (Compact Discs) Killed the cassettes and how Facebook killed MySpace. However older people will always want to hold on to the past, especially when it makes them money. So I'm not surprised by the New Bill that the ANC wants to put out along with the the SABC, but you may be.

A draft on the new range of devices that require a Television license has been Gazetted by the government. In this a revision of the TV license regulations is currently being considered. It should be known that the current TV license revision is sixteen years old at the moment and legally requires you to pay a monthly fee or yearly fee if you own a Television. No matter what you use it for. However like I said above, less and less people are using TV's, instead more people are choosing to consume content on their smart devices.

So to keep funding this almost obsolete business, The new revision calls for many device owners to start paying a TV license for their devices. This revision comes from the SABC themselves, However I find this strange as the SABC channels are not broadcasted over the internet.

If you're wondering what this new revision the television license regulations mean for you, it's very simple. When you go to the store to buy you're self a new television you have to present you're license. In the same way when you go to buy a new phone you will have to do the same. However depending on the decisions made in the next few months you may also have to do the same for a Tablet, Laptop or home computer. There is no word about whether you will pay an individual fee for each device yet but I predict that you will.

Communications and Digital Technologies minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams says that the range of devices will be decided in the next few month. However as I end I'd like to throw this question to you, should a company that doesn't stream it's services online, be allowed to ask for money from online users who watch international streaming services. Tell me in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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