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Kiwi for who? Hands off our Venda Queen

Last weekend a picture of the Limpopo star Makhadzi went viral on the internet that showed her inner thighs. People have been making funny comments and they even went to an extend of editing them to make them worse, some assumed that she doesn't bath properly. They edited with a sunlight greenbar and an orange sack saying is a "cure for kiwi".

It's such a shame what other people can do anything to bring someone down. As far as I am concerned, 7 out of 10 African women does have darker inner thighs due to friction that happens when they move around. Yes some tried a lot of remedies that worked but others unfortunately are not lucky to get rid of that. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.a blame is on the photographer Rasta who published the photo yes, there were lots of beautiful pictures that might have been published as the singer mentioned, but he chose specifically that one. Makhadzi released a statement apologizing to her fans and asking people to stop circulating the picture. She also mentioned that it does not affect her to a way that she cannot handle it but seeing her family cry breaks her heart. But Twitter has been behind the venda Queen and yes she does not have to apologize for who she is, she's a dark skinned girl so how do we expect her to have light inner thighs🙄. Or do they expect the singer to bleech her skin just to impress them? People must really mind their business when it comes to people's bodies. Body shaming is dangerous if you do not have a thick skin. And cyber bullying is so a crime. Let's hold hands in support of our Queen and stop circulating this picture with negative comments, instead let's embrace our dark skin and not be ashamed for what we are. We hope and pray that Khadzi won't change who she is for this bullies.... Continue to shine and perform. Give it your all Queen as you always do. Your body and skin is perfect. Wear your crown and shame the devil. Actually Khadzi looked beautiful during that performance, her outfit was amazing and fit for her perfomance, the audience loved her. She travelled to Malawi to perform and she did just that. The comments won't stop her from being a great performer and being the best that she is. To all those who call dark inner thighs "kiwi" and " tared"road and those ugly names, it does not make any difference and no body will bleech their skin to be lighter just for you. Melanin is beautiful. Dark is beautiful and strong. We will embrace and rock our dark skin no matter what. Makhadzi did not have to apologize for who she is, yes she's a public figure and has fans but her fans love her just the way she is, kiwi or not, Makhadzi wavho Rhine Will tour Africa and outside along with her kiwi, she will win awards and release hits with that kiwi

#hands off Our Venda Queen

Content created and supplied by: Molebogeng (via Opera News )

African Limpopo Makhadzi


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