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"I just wanna be a Good, God fearing girl With lots of Ashawo Vibes"

"I just wanna be a Good, God fearing girl With lots of Ashawo Vibes"

You have to know that in this life, every guys we love to live a happy life with a girl or a lady with good characters and God fearing. And this lady have gotten people talking with what she want to be...

She said: "I just wanna be a Good, God fearing girl With lots of Ashawo Vibes".


I believe that most men want to give the impression that they aren't concerned with marriages, finding the right partner, or settling down like women are, but this isn't the case. Men, too, are searching for the right woman to share the rest of their lives with, and it is just as important to them—even if they don't express it.

So, how do you know if you're dating someone with whom you'd be happy to spend the rest of your life? Here are some characteristics of a successful woman to bear in mind:

-A good woman will never deceive you or anyone, and will always tell it as it is. That isn't to say she is unconcerned with other people's feelings; she will always speak the truth in a loving manner. You can still rely on her to be honest with you if you're in doubt.

- She has a fiery passion for what she does. Whatever she's working on, whether it's a project at work, preparing a meal, or volunteering for a local charity, she really gives it her all, and you can tell.

This is why she succeeds at almost everything she attempts. She uses all of her emotional resources to increase the worth of herself and those around her. You can't really help but get happy about what she's doing if you're with her, and you want to be just as enthusiastic about what you do.

- She is supportive of you. A wonderful lady will want to hear about your dreams and should be there to help you every step of the way. She'll be there to pick you up and remind you why you're doing it, even if you're stuck or down.

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