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Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments To Be Caught On Camera

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments To Be Caught On Camera

It used to be very easy to keep secrets and hide from the public. Because cameras and photographers were rare.

In this day and age of paparazzis and smartphones, it is important to be cautious with what you say and do in public. Take a look at the top 10 most embarrassing video clips.

Imagine being on stage and hitting the high notes, then holding the microphone like this. So it was with this Chinese musician.

Some photographers are snobs They decided to make her a trend after she forgot to remove the tag from her new outfit.

Janet Jackson's career-ending mistake. Her dress tore up on stage with Justin Timberlake, exposing her breasts, and the video became one of the most watched and shared ever.

On the red carpet with hundreds of photographers, imagine your dress misbehaving. No photographer could ignore the fact that someone stepped on Yulia Rabakova's dress.

After receiving one of the most prestigious awards, Hollywood Star Christian Stewart dropped it and it broke. That's a shame.

Amy Schumer, who fell on the red carpet. Was it too high? It was even more embarrassing when the other celebrities didn't even notice she was there.

It's one thing to fall once, but imagine falling 5 times on stage. Ketty Perry fell during an MTV award show when she jumped over a cake.

This is Justin Bieber's most embarrassing moment when he vomited live on stage. Thousands and millions tuned in live. It had to be embarrassing.

But the groom was caught by both the camera and the photographer in the back. So tell your wife.

The old man decided to use his own man-made fuel to power his own car. He was alone.

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