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The Black Door: Watch the aftermath of Khaya’s bus explosion


The Black Door: Watch the aftermath of Khaya's deadly bus explosion and the death of Boy Boy leads to the beginning of Boniswa's demise, and Romeo falls in loveThe Mabuzas begin their period of grief following the death of their youngest family member. Additionally, things are beginning to unravel beneath the surface.

In case you were absent.

The Rebs ordered the burning of Khaya's bus, and as a bonus, she killed her grandson.

The weekly highlights have been released, and everything is going to hell in a handbasket.


At this moment, Rebbeca is experiencing the worst type of karma. She must confront her guilt for having killed her grandchild and lied to her daughter.

Her son-in-law believes Rebs is responsible for the bus explosion, but he lacks evidence. Rebs is shown in the newly released video telling Boniswa and Nka, the parents of the deceased boy, that it was an accident, while Nkanyiso looks at her extremely suspiciously.


The curse of Khaya Sokhulu

Khaya has endured the most hardships in this tale, and it was clear from the beginning that he was cursed.

Khaya became Ganda-Ganda because he was obliged to pay a loan he didn't even know he owed; his brother Chuma stole money from Rebs and hid it; when Rebs discovered him, she murdered him; and Khaya became Ganda-Ganda.

He fell in love with a beautiful young Nandi, but the curse struck again when he discovered that her filthy father frequented Black Door. Khaya had to succumb once more to this man in order to obtain the bus, but only on the condition that he divorce from his daughter.

Rebecca has taken that away from him, and he is now forced to return to being Ganda-Ganda. He is also experiencing financial difficulties due to the fact that he still owes money to the bus business and the guilt he feels for Boy-death Boy's on the same bus.

Khaya must also deal with his nephew Velaphi, who was also on the bus when it detonated and is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Velaphi is violently roused from a disturbing dream, and his family is attempting to assist him.

Boniswa’s Demise

In the video, Boniswa can be heard stating that she needs sleeping drugs, and it is well knowledge that she is a recovering addict.

According to the teasers, Boniswa regresses this month, and this time she sinks as low as any junkie could.

Gabisile Tshabalala plays Boniswa on The Black Door.Gabisile Tshabalala plays Boniswa on The Black Door. Image: Instagram/Gabisile Tshabalala

Boy-Boys funeral turns dramatic.

Rebs hope to dissuade Mabuza from attending the burial, while Boniswa tackles Khaya to discover how her son ended up on the bus.

Sabelo Cele infiltrates The Black Door.

Sabelo Cele is portrayed by SK Khoza, and Romeo desires him. He cannot assist himself. Will he get him?

Discover this week on The Black Door.

Watch below:


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