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Skeem Saam|| Clement got a new phone but he does not like it

Clement lost his phone in the bathroom at Capsys when he was there to have lunch with Oritonda. Since then, he has been stressed because he claims that his whole life is in his phone.

His father went to visit him, he told him he was worried when he did not answer his phone. Clement told his father that he lost his phone his father told him that he is going to get him a phone, Clement was happy.

When Clement was chilling with his friends, Denis arrived with the new phone for Clement. He was disappointed but he acted like he was happy because he did not want to seem ungrateful. When his father left he started to show his emotions, he was not happy with his new phone. He expected his father to buy him a phone that had great camera quality but his father bought him a totally different phone, a phone that takes pictures with a low quality camera.Source:

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