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IT ENDED IN TEARS for Ngizwe Mchunu and Khuzani

17 October 2021

Writer: Sphe J Hadebe

A Mayor's intervention helped to prevent the blood shed, all because of Ngizwe's actions.

Durban- The controversial former Ukhozi FM presenter, Ngizwe Mchunu has made headlines once again and as usual, he caused this trouble.

The outspoken media personality always like to be in the middle of the trouble and somehow that excites him. There are lot of his voice clips that circulates on social media when he is dragging other people and frankly, his fans get entertained by that. What Ngizwe does not know is that by so doing, he might end up in trouble. He has already made enemies in the entertainment industry by his utterances.

Recently, he had a brawl with Maskandi king, Khuzani, affectionately known as Indlamlenze at Nkandla, north of Kwa Zulu Natal and it nearly ended in blood shed. Like I had stated above, Ngizwe always like to brew trouble and cause chaos. He did exactly that at this event and only the intervention of the Mayor helped, otherwise it would have resulted in bloodshed.

Apparently, this problem started when Ngizwe who was the MC of the event decided to ignore Khuzane. 

It is reported that when it was his turn to call Khuzane on stage for his performance, he decided to call out another artist instead.

A source told the publication, "The problem started when he decided to snub Khuzani. He was given a list of artists to perform, but he chose to ignore it. When it was Khuzani’s turn to go on stage, he overlooked his name and called his friend, Mthandeni ‘Igcokama elisha’ Manqele. This angered Khuzani,

"They hurled insults at each other in front of their supporters. Khuzani felt undermined mainly because his number one enemy Mthandeni was was being entertained by Ngizwe at his expense."

According to the paper, Nkandla mayor Thami Ntuli had to intervene. “Blood would have been shed if it wasn’t for Ntuli. The mayor told Ngizwe to call the artists according to the list,” the publication quoted another source.

Khuzane told a publication, Daily Sun that he saw Ngizwe gossiping with his enemy (Mthandeni) and then he knew that there was going to be a problem, "I ignored them. I then waited to be called, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Ngizwe called my enemy to go on stage. This angered me, but the mayor intervened and I managed to perform in my slot,” he said.

The stage manager for this event stated that Khuzani was due to perform first before Mthandeni as that what was written in the papers he gave Ngizwe for schedule. He stated that he has no clue on how Ngizwe mixed it all up.


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