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Does Thulani Ndzotyana have a chance to win Miss South Africa position ?

Show me a person who has no mistake and no sin show me, everyone has a mistake and everyone deserves a second chance let God be the judge of everything give this woman a break please, I see and smell jealousy here. Whoever started this has big personal issues with Thulani and she is a woman, women cannot stand to see another women succeed jealousy and comparison will kill us. Can't we just celebrate Thulani because it's her chance and it's her moment, to the hater I say your time will come as well relaxThulani if you reading this please don't withdraw like the other one please prove the devil wrong don't let your hater win continue giving them chest pains, you are already in top 5 they all waited until she is doing well for herself and she is not even a perpetrator for that matter I smell witchcraft, and moniology want evidence now before we cancel innocent people. The only thing we excel at is to crucify each other because we hate it when others do well, angry individuals who would do anything to pull each other down

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Thulani Ndzotyana


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