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Nadia Nakai celebrates her birthday with partner AKA. Check the pictures from her birthday

She is having the time of her life and she was celebrating with her partner, AKA, her 32nd birthday together. It is amazing to see her having a celebration with someone as much as AKA is having a good time after all that he went through. Now people from the comment section are happy to see them together without any fight.


But then within a good time, there is a period where you will be going through a bad disappointment, and it is something that you cannot really prevent. You just have to deal with it as it happens, and how you deal with it is more important that it should be the best way for you. Nothing bad is being encouraged in the lifestyle.

But then some people made comments that their relationship was not going to last longer. It is not certain that they are not going to last as a couple, and people will always say something that is not comforting. It is important how you deal with it. They both deserve to have a good time, and celebrating Nadia's birthday is important.


They would surely going to have the year again and next year it will be another year to which she will add another year mark and you have to also celebrate yours because you have different experiences. The years are getting more for her and you should also not forget that you will one day die. But it does not mean you have to live a reckless lifestyle because you will not live forever.


Nadia Nakai and Forbes AKA are the couple that is making headlines right now. People will get used to them and another couple will attract attention. Hopefully, they will not break up just like other relationships going down the drain and people becoming disappointed because they loved their relationship.

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