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It Might Be The End For Thando And Siyacela Dlamuka's Marriage As This Is Discovered Today ||See Why



The people of South Africa have been fishing around trying to find any matching reason that could separate Thando from her failed marriage. This is because the two 16 years old love birds have been having a hard time rekindling their love as Siyacela plans to take another wife Manto Zihle.

This was because Thando was no longer giving her husband enough time and attention as she was busy with her grade 12 matric exam last year. This has been alleged that the reason why Siyacela wanted to take a second wife is that Thando wants to finish her school education and to further study so she can do a social worker course at any university of her choice and this will only happen if she passes her matric with flying colours and gets admitted.

Today Thando Dlamuka was welcomed with the good news that she has passed her 2021 matric exam with a bachelor degree. She also managed to obtain four distinctions in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Orientation and Isixhosa. This then means that Thando has a chance to pursue a degree in any university of her choice. But the problem now arises as Siyacela still want to have Thando next to him as the only wife he has.

Will Thando Dlamuka have to sacrifice her marriage to go further so she can further her studies at any university of her choice or will Siyacela stop Thando from reaching her goals? A lot of things will go down here as Siyacela already made a decision that Thando will not go anywhere to further her studies at any university as his jealous that Thando will find a new handsome boyfriend which is what people want.

It seems like Siyacela will have to negotiate with the odds of getting a second wife fast as he has already made up his mind that he will take Manto Zihle as his second wife. Thando Dlamuka is not happy about this as she has already made up her mind after Siyacela tried to rekindle their love.

What is your intake on this and why?

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