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Cassper and Boohle got fans divided after McG podcast | Podcast also got into hot water

The Channel O newly found show and Mzansi's number one podcast 'Podcast and chill with McG'. Hosted one of the leading female Vocalist in Amapiano scene Boohle in their recent episode. However the interview was going very well fans spotted remarks made by Boohle and McG on the hit song by Cassper ft Boohle and Abidoza - Siyathandana. McG even went on to say Cassper's verse wasn't needed in the song. An Boohle proclaimed Cassper didn't write the song he just came with his verse when everything was close to being done.

Cassper Nyovest after a fan shared a snippet of the podcast with those remarks took it to his socials and wrote - "This is so disappointing and I've watched it a few times. I won't even explain anything about how this song was written but I got sooo much love for Boohle man. One of the most gentle of souls I've met and we made magic together. May God bless her, May she make many more hits".

I'm not Cassper's fan. But I personally think Boohle wouldn't have got all that airplay if she didn't feature Cassper Nyovest. We not denying that Boohle has been big way before Cassper. Even Kabza was big before Maphorisa & he didn't listen when people told him he's better than Maphorisa today he is 2 bigger than he was. You can be big. But sometimes u need that one person person to fuel that park - Wrote Chris

As unnecessary as Cassper’s verse was on Siyathandana, Boohle wasn’t supposed to throw Cassper under the bus. Cassper’s fanbase was very necessary for her recognition. Respect and stay loyal to people who opened doors for you when no one had nothing to do with you. - Ori

Fans on McG Podcast

Sol phendukaa and MacG Unleashed you guys need to stop with what you're doing to artists, you will destroy many artist's careers with how you ask questions and how you react to them after being answered especially MacG Unleashed it's no longer funny now bro.

MacG Unleashed tried the same thing with Big Zulu about Ricky's verse and Big Zulu protected Ricky. The M.O of the podcast can't be to destroy relationships in the intertainment industry, especially among Black artists. Sol phendukaa and MacG Unleashed need to reflect. He also claimed that his aim is not to disrespect anyone .but the way he got excited when sleek talk was bashing celebs,he even said that sleek talk should be protected. He should ask himself what’s makes him so excited when sleek talk talk down on celebs MacG Unleashed. wrote fans.

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