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Mzantsi Reacts To Uzalo Uncensored GBV That Left Many Heartbroken And Eyes Closed

Gender based violence is something that has terrorized South African Women and Children for a long time and it is sometimes difficult to get the the bottom of this, understand the cause and justify only because nothing justifies violence of any kind.

This violence has taken lives of our loved ones by the hands of their love one. It doesn't choose the colour of your skin or check your bank balance, because mostly, the people who abuse our Women and Children are mostly if not always their Husbands, Boyfriends, Fathers and Neighbors.

No one can run away from it unless you choose to live in a place with not people, specifically Men and that is impossible.

This is not to say Men don't get or face abuse, but they are the most people who commit these crimes.

Lately South Africa was left in Shock and heartbreak because of the scene that brought back the pain that many can relate too as they watched Nosipho being beaten up by Njeza, who is her Boyfriend in Uzalo.

This episode elaborated to us how it happens, amd the episodes before this one showedus how it starts and when it starts, it will happen again and again until we see dead body of a Woman of Child.

In most cases people who are abused by their loved ones often think that it will change or He's going to change and so some who are lucky, it does and stop forever but for most it continues until the victims last breath or the perpetrators last breath.

Njeza started beating Nosipho and apologized, He even went to church to be prayed for as he believed he has demons in him.

However, He did it again and this time, He made a statement while beaten her up that, " It will never change".

The community just like our typical ones we live in, they do not stop him and the only thingthey do is to watch, take videos and photos to post of social media with broken heart emojis and sad tearing faces.

People on social media platforms shared their discomfort while they were watching this and thanked that they showed the uncensored re-enactment of GBV.

People should know that GBV doesn't stop 90 percent of the time for an estimate and it is not only beating up someone.

Rape is Gender based violence and that not only the people living with you can do it to you, but even a stranger can violate a Woman just because they can, they can violate Children justbecause they can't speak for themselves and are too weak to fight for themselves.

Our justice system is very poor and full of cowards who cannot stand for just one thing, and that is to protect our Women and Children, put the abusers behind bars with no bail or parole for that matter.

Change is not something thatwe must see happening everywhere or see it being done by many for you to change. Change start with you.

Stop GBV and Stop watching it happen in front of you. Do something and someone will join you.

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