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"This must stop" A picture of makoti serving water to her husband left Tito Mboweni breathing fire

Tito Mboweni gets people talkung after he voiced out his opinion on how Makotis show respect. This is all started by a picture of a Makoti serving her husband with water to wash his hands before he eats. According to the Zulu culture, kneeling when serving food is a sign of respect.

Tito Mboweni is totally against this, looking at his Tweet, Tito regards this as a tuture to married women, and he really want this to end "This must stop! ANCWL where are you?" angrily wrote Tito Mboweni and his Tweet touched many people. The majority of Twitter users were just surprise because this is part of the Zulu culture, and women has been happily doing it for years. "This is our culture Mina I will do this for my husband!! It must not stop" Wrote a man who really does see anything wrong with with this. "African culture is not a bad practice" Wrote another Twitter user.

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