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Meet The Most Powerful Female Characters On TV Today

Kate Ashby From 'Black Earth Rising'

Kate Ashby was saved as a youngster during the Rwandan genocide and went on to become a legal investigator in England. She takes on a case at the International Criminal Court, prosecuting an African militia leader, while she is at work. This defendant was a key figure in the genocide. This is the series to watch if you want to see a lead female character with unfathomable strength and integrity.

Eleanor Shellstrop From 'The Good Place

Eleanor Shellstrop is a snoozer. That's why she knew there had to be a malfunction in the system for her to die and go to "the happy place." But all is not as it seems, as we watch Eleanor try to figure out where the good spot is. 

Eleanor is a strong female character because she recognizes that she has been a bad person her entire life and makes the conscious decision to improve herself, no matter how difficult or time-consuming that process may be.

Samantha White From 'Dear White People'

Samantha White attends a predominately white Ivy League college in the series Dear White People. She hosts Dear White People, a politically charged radio show that confronts racism on campus. She is the focus of cyberbullying and hatred from her classmates as a result of that show. It requires a steely will to stand up for what you believe in, even if it means being shunned.

The Women From 'Big Little Lies'

The Monterey Five are Madeline, Celeste, Bonnie, Renata, and Jane, and their narrative is told in Big Little Lies. While they appear to be archetypal upper-class moms with perfect lifestyles, they are all dealing with serious challenges behind closed doors. It's inspiring to witness people deal with issues like domestic violence and the constraints of keeping up appearances, and it makes you want to be a bit less judgmental.

Farah Black From 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency'

Farah Black is a security officer who becomes engrossed in Dirk Gently's sci-fi antics. While Dirk is out investigating paranormal crimes as a detective, Farah is the one who keeps the situation under control and saves his butt. She is a cop who is brave, dependable, and has a strong moral compass.

Eleven from "strange things'

Eleven possesses supernatural abilities that she does not fully comprehend or choose to use. She had been subjected to experiments since she was a youngster, and she would have continued to be exploited if she hadn't managed to break escape from the lab where she was being held. However, a dark force from an alternate universe is infiltrating the world, and this young girl must put her own desires aside in order to keep those around her safe.

Daenerys Targaryen From 'Game of Thrones'

Daenerys Targaryen organizes an army from the ground up in a world controlled by men in order to recapture her father's reign. The entire kingdom of Westeros is in uproar about the prospect of a new monarch, and Daenerys is adamant that she is the true queen. We all know that the woman doesn't take no for an answer, and we know it even more now.


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