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Mnakwethu| Top four worst moments of the Tell All

The Mnakwethu tell all ended and a lot of still remaining questions were left that way. Ot became clear to me that the tell all was a way to do emergency PR for Mzansi Magic in order to absolve themselves from the MaShelembe drama. That's just my personal assumption but I don't think I'm wrong about this. When a show faces negative scrutiny, the best way to get out from under it, besides a statement, is a reunion or tell all. Why do you think reality shows in America have them?

I decided I would compile the worst moment of the Tell All for those who did not get the opportunity to watch it for themselves but in countdown form cause... well why not?

4. The "Jojo tank" debacle

Mafuleka's glamorous second wife was at odds with the first wife over domestic duties. She looked extremely done up as she sat on the coach explaining that she did not fell like it was her portion to do excessive and strenuous hard work. This work included getting water from a river. Their husband volunteered to get a Jojo tank and all hell was unleashed from the wives. Who were wondering why he hadn't done the same for his first wife all along.

3. The "I love young women" proclamation

Gezani was one of the most disgusting people on the Tell All in my opinion. He boldly admitted to his predeliction for younger women, even alluding to violence. He is the same man who confessed to dating a 16 year old when he was 25, it really shouldn't have surprised us. But Musa Mseleku jumped in after his words and took him to task.

2. The "Same-Sheets" catastrophe

Mam'Mthombeni who was upset with her potential sister wife because she'd discovered that she was sleeping in her bed and on her sheets. It was a disgusting revelation and to top it all off, her husband did not see any fault with it. The host Linda Sibiya, asked him to apologize but it didn't seem resolved. Makhumalo was insistent that she had been with him first and the issue remained unresolved.

1. The "You're a snake" statement

MaShelembe who is by the favourite of everyone in South Africa and the one who made us proud. But I will still say that this was the worst part of the show. Seeing MaSithole's disrespect in real time did nothing to ease me down. She was still extremely arrogant and so sure of herself at the pillar. There was no lessons learnt or a change in her. She was an obstinate as ever. I definitely did NOT enjoy watching that.

What was your worst moment of the show?

Thank you for reading!

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