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Sithelo mocks Sbahle Mpisane after she went live while crying

“Sithelo Shozi “has used social media to criticize “Sbahle Mpisane “for sobbing on Instagram Live. This was after” Sibahle Mpisane “went live on instagram while crying, many followers felt sorry for her some tried comforting her with nice and sweet text but “Sithelo “came and threw a shade at “ Sbahle “and got the media buzzing.


“Sbahle “responded to some of the offensive, hateful troll comments made about her, but that was brought on by a "sincere" direct message” (DM) “she received from a woman telling her to amputate her leg. It’s as if this week she has been facing a lot of criticism.

She cried a little bit live, which was also impacted by the negative feedback she got from the audience. 

She's been called and referred to by numerous people, including” Sithelo's” sister “Ze Shozi”, who claimed she is crippled. She was called by many uncalled for names.

“Sithelo “responded to the video by borrowing “Sbahle's “hairstyles to troll her. According to the spectators “Sithelo “didn’t mean well when she asked for” Sbahle “hair.

No working head still sports a “mohawk”, which is said to be "Alikho ikhanda elisebenzayo elisenziwa iMohawk." 

Content created and supplied by: QuintonNyambi (via Opera News )


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