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See what Actress Ruth kadiri posted on her Instagram that got people reactions

See what Actress Ruth kadiri posted on her Instagram that got people reactions

Will you, for no reason, allow your partner to use or check your phone? Like she or he just want to go through the phone.

People have spoken about it on instagram and actress Ruth Kadiri is also airing her own view, saying it doesn't make sense if partners don't have access to their phones.

These days, partnerships are like a two-edged sword, people don't even appreciate their spouses taking a little peep through their phones, phones containing what they probably don't want their partners to know the password or even know how to navigate.

While some people will never encourage their partners to go through their phones, others see it as nothing because they believe it's right and why hide your phone from your partner if there is nothing to hide?

But I don't see why my girlfriend couldn't go through my phone to be honest, if we can do all kinds of stuff together then what kind of phone she can't operate or go through, she may want to watch movies or even watch pictures.

Here's what Ruth Kadiri posted online that caused reactions on Instagram from her fans and others;

She is right, a clean heart and a pure conscience can see nothing wrong. Why hide your phone if you don't have anything to hide?

Your wife should know your password and all the information about your phone.

What kind of phone does she need to go through to get a phone number to call? What if in order to be able to withdraw, she does not have money and needs to make transfer with your phone. There are just so many reasons why you should know your password from your partner.

Here are people reactions below;

What is your opinion on this?

Ladies and gentlemen, do not hide or keep your phone away from your spouse, if you don't have anything to hide.

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