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[News] Lil Obeah releases the first duppy Balkan Dub LP in the world (2022)

The first duppy Balkan dub LP in the world: Lil Obeah from Transylvania, limited vinyl edition

Produced by Dub Colossus, Transglobal Underground, and Marius Costache

Andrei Bucureci (Left) || Cristiana Bucureci (Right)

PURCHASE YOUR COPY "Lil Obeah from Transylvania (Vinyl LP):

Lil Obeah Meets Transglobal Underground – Children Video


" The independent label The Sound of Art to Come launches Lil Obeah's debut album called Lil Obeah from Transylvania, an album made in collaboration with international producers Transglobal Underground, Dub Colossus, and Marius Costache. For dub music enthusiasts and vinyl collectors, we have a limited edition that can be ordered from Diggers Factory. "


On the Lil Obeah from Transylvania LP, artists, and musicians from Great Britain and Romania contributed: Horseman aka Winston Williams, Nick Page aka Count Dubulah, Hamid Mantu & Tim Whelan aka Transglobal Underground, Marian Șerban Fieraru, Adi Stoenescu, and Laura Benedek from Jam Circle collective, Leon Lotoțchi, Michael Acker and Mihai Moldoveanu and last, but not least the artist Cristiana Bucureci.


The album can be pre-ordered in a limited edition for music collectors and Balkan dub music enthusiasts at Diggers Factory:


Jamaican dub, reggae, and dancehall culture have given birth to innovative songs and albums inspired by horror movies and a certain dark, scary art. It may sound strange coming from Eastern Europe, but Sound of Art to Come and Lil Obeah focus on the special sound that bridges the gap between pop art, comics, and Caribbean culture.


All the collages that illustrate the Lil Obeah LP from Transylvania are made by the Romanian collage artist, Cristiana Bucureci. Her collages are the passport to a futuristic-decorative dimension, being made in mixed techniques, both digital and cut & paste. Her portfolio is on

Lil Obeah from Transylvania LP - SoAC01 - November 2021

Produced by Dub Colossus, Transglobal Underground, and Marius Costache

Special guests: Octavian Soviany, Constața Vlad, Nicolae Ceaușescu

Mastered by Marius Costache at Studio148


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Andrei Bucureci Dub Colossus Lil Obeah Marius Costache Transglobal Underground


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