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King Monada causes a Stir with Recent Picture of him Wearing a Chain As a Belt

The ska bora Moreki hit maker and musician king Monada is one of the biggest artists in the country at the moment, and he is living his best life. He has a big presence online as he likes to interact with his fans, post pictures and make jokes once in a while. Monada is a real success story of Rags to riches looking from where he started and where he is right now.

He recently made head weaves after showing off his house that he built from scratch for him self, and people were happy and proud of him, they even went to his house warming party which consisted of some of SA's a-list celebrities. He cuased a stir after sharing a picture of himself with a chain around hia waist and a lock in the middle with the caption s talking about staying loyal.

We are really about what he meant, but the chain and lock probably represents the loyaly he has to his wifes especially the one he was with while he was still broke. For those who don't know Monada is a polygamist and is proud of it, and he lives with both ladies in the house he built, and a couple of weeks back he shared pictures of himself with his first wife have some good quality time together and this showed people how much he loves both of his wifes and the fact that he doesn't forget where he comes from.


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Monada Moreki


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