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Mzansi Accused The Twins That Want To Date The Same Man Of A "Curse" After This Happened To Them

Mzansi Accused The Twins That Want To Date The Same Of Being "A Curse" After This Happened To Them

Source: Hashtag #Twiceasbold twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

Owami and Olwethu are a curse. The twins only want to date one man. They don't want to live separated life. In every episode of #Twiceasbold, they only speaks about man. They have been asking their ancestors to give them one man.

One of the twins have visited a cultural expert, seeking advice on something that yhey both disagree on. The twins are desperate to get man, they are in a mission of searching a man who will date both of them. We have seen them trying to hook up with Mr Mnisi and the other twins brothers but it's all end in tears.

The men was suppose to meet with them and he was involved in a car accident shows these twins are an curse. The spiritual husband should be the one who is looking for them and not them looking for a man. The advice told the other twins that even if it means they have to wait for years they have to wait. What is happening now it's looks like curse for husband desperation.

Maybe they should consider separating their love lives. These two they need to be separated in order for them to outgrow their useless behavior. Maybe if they can start living separate lives, they will find the person they looking for, separately. They do everything together, and they even sleep in one bed and wear the same pajamas as if they are kids.They put these kids in an awkward situation now. They have to explain for the rest of their lives that they have the same dad and their mothers are twins which makes them cousins and Sisters. The kids looks so embrassed been asked how are you sisters having to say they share an Dad.

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