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South Africans shook that O Jewa Ke Eng ambassador is only 21 years old

South Africans shook that O Jewa Ke Eng ambassador is only 21 years old

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Keabetswe AKA Ms. O jewa ke eng is famous for her tweet "O jewa ke eng" that made waves on Twitter and aided people with job opportunities, electricity vouchers and and and.

Her recent post, attached below, caused a quake on the TL where her age was being deliberated!

Birthday celebration went something like this!😍

In 2019, the year the famous tweet was posted, she posted that she was 19 and she shook the internet! Most people denied her age and claimed that there was no way that she could be 19. 2 years later, the same conversation is still happening under her birthday post! She turned 21 a few days ago, making her a Gen Z born in 2000. This year was no exception; people could not contain their shock that she's only 21!

While I admit that some of their shock is genuine, I also find that some people are condescending with their comments. Not everyone ages in reverse so to actually throw shade at her for looking "non-21" might actually break her since no one wants to be told they look 5 years older than their age, which is what she was told under her post!

For people to go out of their way to actually tell her that 21 is her football age and that 30 years would actually suit her is a bit weird. There's nothing she can do with how rapid her growth is. We set these standards around everything and then act stunned when people go to extreme lengths like cosmetic surgery to look how we expect them to!

Sounds like a football age to me @ImOnlyGtngOlder

You'll were shocked in 2019 when she was 19 and you're still shocked now😆😅 @Ngwatladi_Mk

As in she was born in 2000? I’m shocked. I thought she was around 26-27 years @AstroMajesty

These kids grow up so fast. I'm 25 but I look 15 @MerriamK3

Kea I thought 28 not 21

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