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Divorce Affair

"You chose money over love" Slik Talk tells Minnie Dlamini

Is he right?

Slik Talk once talked about how Minnie Dlamini will not last on her marriage, and now that he found out that Minnie is the one cheated he could not let go that easily. Slik Talk is not a huge fan of Minnie Dlamini because he thinks that she is more into money than love.

Minnie Dlamini is beautiful and talented, I believe that with her talent she can make a lot of money in the entertainment industry. People love her and they always wish her well. She used to be doing good and I think she can go back and be the girl who she used to be, because many people are saying that marriage has changed her.

Slik Talk says Minnie does not want to sign the divorce papers, because she knows that she is not going to get anything from Quinton. Slik Talk also added that Quinton might be quiet but he is intelligent.


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