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Drake’s clever response to hot sauce in condom rumour

Canadian rapper Drake is known to be quite the wordsmith when it comes to his Instagram captions and his latest one seems to be a response to the latest tea about him.

Champagne Papi posted two pictures on Instagram and wrote in his caption "You can have your 15 minutes of fame… I’ll take the other 23 hours and 45 mins!.

He may not respond to everything that is said about him but it seems he is telling the rumour stirrer to enjoy the attention while it lasts.

In the event that this talk is anyplace close to obvious then it appears to be one Instagram model's second to attempt to get the sack went totally south and left her consuming in undesired spots.

As indicated by the Instagram page, Too Much Hot Tea blog, the IG model uncovered that she snared with Drake, consensually yet things finished on an exceptionally fiery note.

Her story has left many individuals scratching their heads attempting to figure out her and Drake's activities.

The lady clarified that she and the Grammy grant winning craftsman associated on Instagram half a month prior.

Drake and the model later had a heartfelt experience yet she is thinking about lawful activity in view of a hot occurrence.

The model let the blog know that Drake guaranteed that things were consensual the entire time between them.

"After the party, they returned to his lodging. They partook a tad, and he inquired as to whether she needed to engage in sexual relations. She said he was extremely expectation on guaranteeing things were consensual." read the post.

The free lipped model shared that after the two had intercourse he went to the washroom to discard the condom. Presently this is the place where things get a piece bizarre. The model, trying to impregnate herself, took the condom from the receptacle and embedded it into the launch of her vagina.

The lady claims she felt a consuming sensation in her woman parts and shouted and the rapper came into the washroom.

"She fished the condom out of the junk, loosened it, and put the initial end into her v*gina. Kid, was she in for an amazement! She said it seemed like emptying hot magma into her v.

She shouted, and Drake ran into the washroom," read the post.

As indicated by the model, the rapper confessed to pouring hot sauce in the condom to kill the sperm.

The story is surely difficult to accept and has a significant number of us going to Google to discover, "does hot sauce kill sperm?"

The insane reports make them keep thinking about whether Drake hefts around hot sauce each time he has a casual sexual encounter.

Others are as yet attempting to manage the lady fundamentally confessing to attempting to inseminate herself.

@jakiahshantel said "so she attempted to trap him?? be that as it may, wound up being the person in question".

At the point when you are one of the world's greatest whizzes you need to shield yourself from any superfluous claims or paternity suits that you may very well run over.

You are a mobile objective all things considered.

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Content created and supplied by: Victoria24 (via Opera News )

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