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Siyacela’s new girlfriend is pregnant.

Trouble in paradise for the young MojaLove love couple as Siyacela’s brother reveals that the new woman in Siyacela’s life is expecting.

Siyacela went to Durban for over a month leaving his wife Thando with no money and food. On today’s show Mr Dlamuka who is Siyacela’s father asked Siyacela about his new relationship to which he answered that he is serious and wants to be in a polygamous marriage. According to Thando, Siyacela has been spending all the money they get paid from MojaLove while in Durban. When his father confronted him about this matter Siyacela asked his father to rephrase and choose his words wisely and he will not be told how to spend his money.

Siyacela then went to see Thando after talking to his father. All Thando wanted to know was why was he gone for that long, a huge fight then ensued between the 2. They ended up exchanging words with Thando threatening to pack and leave at the end. The rude Siyacela then went outside, got into his car and left. Siyacela’s disrespect is getting way out of hand. The way he rudely answered back to his father is very heartbreaking.

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