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Pregnancy period

Skeem Saam: Eunice reveals the secret about Petty's pregnancy tonight, See here


Tonight on SkeemSaam there will be a lot of drama, after Eunice found out that Pretty used her as an escape goat she was left bothered. It looks like Pretty is willing to do anything into save her own skin and make others look like they are the bad ones. She tried to be a good friend to Pretty but it seems Pretty has been using her to her benefit, she even went as far as blaming her for pregnancy as she refuses to take responsibility for her own doing. However it seems everything is finally coming to an end as Eunice will finally put an end to everything tonight when Mantuli arrives in Turf. Caught between a rock and concrete, an overwhelmed Eunice blurts out a damning secret. She will reveal to Pretty's family the truth about the pregnancy.

It was time she saves herself from being tormented with questions from Zamo whilst the culprit Pretty is right under their house. If i was Eunice i would have spilt the secret soon after that slap from Pretty.

It's not Eunice's fault that Pretty had open her legs to Lehasa, Eunice might had asked her to go with her to the party, but we all make our own choices to do what is right or wrong. Eunice wasn't holding a gun to Pretty's head to get in bed with Lehasa, she doesn't have a backbone she made her bed and she should lie on it. 

Lehasa killed Fannie and last at his restaurant he mistreated MaNtuli laughed at her, he's cold this man he doesn't have conscious he's cruel and just that Pretty was forward to even sleep with him and she knows him very well how he mistreated her family before, but she was having a nerve to go as far sleeping with an enemy that's why she's so jumpy about this pregnancy. She has been behaving like this because deep inside her it is a disgrace for her to accept that she's impregnated by Lehasa and she knows this guy won't accept this pregnancy, she's in trouble that's why last she wanted to tell Kat about the pregnancy but she was having second thoughts she kept quiet.

You see why she won't tell Lehasa and why she's so jumpy she knows how cruel is Lehasa and that's why she wants to abort this pregnancy.

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