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"He kissed me" Cries King Monada in disbelief. See more

King Monada who is an artist was seen sitting comfortably in his car when an unexpected fan came and kissed him. Which looked like a kiss on the cheek. Shocked as he was he became in disbelief same time after that kiss. Going around kissing people without their given consent is utterly rude. You are not allowed to touch people unless if they have given you consent to do so.

Watch video here:

The look on Monada's was too loud, however fans believed that he was being rude for not acknowledging the kiss and being happy about it. Fans accused Monada of being against the LGBTQI community. However this isn't it. No one can randomly kiss a person and then expect that individual to smile and not say anything. You cannot invade a persons privacy like that.

Fans even went to an extent of suggest on whether he plays for the other team or not. However it isn't his fault that fans feel very comfortable to an extent that they feel comfortable with giving their biggest male artist a kiss every once in a while.


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