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It Will End In Tears For Generations The Legacy Tshidi Because Of This

Date : 01 November 2021

Today we engage more about Generations The Legacy that seems to be adding more spices on their storyline. Fans seem to be pleased by the current storyline and it looks like the cast is really serving the content that fans really signed up for. This is a South African television soap opera aired on SABC 1 from Monday to Friday at 20h00. It is one of the top viewed telenovela's in South Africa with over millions of viewers countrywide.

It is one of the casts that have many talented actors who are able to portray their characters in a way that always blows the minds of fans away. This coming week things will be on another level as Tshidi is going to lose Kabisi for good. She used Gadaffi to manipulate Kabisi to get back with her and things are going to turn into her wishes but her joy will be for a short time as Gadaffi will make her pay for using him to win Kabisi back.

Kabisi is Tshidi's husband who is wealthy and very well connected. We all know that Gadaffi has a soft spot for Tshidi and his love for her never stopped. Meanwhile Tshidi was using him to manipulate Kabisi when he gave her the proxy to intimidate Kabisi at the boardroom after he made her to be fired from work at hashtag Ezweni Gadaffi had hopes that he will be getting back together with her and live happily after.

Just after winning Kabisi back Tshidi is going to drop a bombshell on Gadaffi when she tells him that she is going back to the Morokas and Gadaffi will not take that very well. When she least expects it Gadaffi is going to be the one who will ruin her marriage and for good this time. You can tell that she never saw this coming as all along she used to think that she was the smarter one. On the other side Siphesihle is regretting not forgiving Siyanda after he committed suicide and left people in shock. Lot of secrets are going to be revealed. Make sure you do not miss the drama this week. Share your thoughts and follow for more news.

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