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Trouble erupts as Husband finds out that his 3 kids are his pastor's kids

It is true when they say that "wonders never cease". The world woke up to the news of another pastor,who has found himself on the wrong side of the law- after his unsightly laundry was aired for everyone to see.

According to a story ran by a few media news outlets, a husband of three children found himself wanting to the law into his hands following a jousting between him and his tipsy wife,whereby the wife mistakenly confessed that the children were not his but the pastor's.

"I am so shattered. Never say it'll never happen to you. I survived covid-19 only to lose my wife,kids and the man I considered at a friend- at the same time". Said the husband

When the wife was spoken to, she revealed her husband was desperate for children but with no luck,which resulted with the wife seeking advice from the man of God; and that is when the pastor suggested the Marshall plan.

"At the time,it sounded like the perfect solution.. which I deeply regret right Now. I was manipulated and he twisted my desperation to suit his agendas" cried the wife

Comments were seeked from the pastor for clarity,But so far he has refused to engage with the journalists...But they hope that as the time goes; he will come to the party with his side of the story.

Cases like these seem to be gaining momentum, we hope that many people can learn from the Smith's family and stop falling prey to pastors that are out to tarnish the gospel of God.

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