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'See Why She's My Queen, She Makes Magic' Sello Maake kaNcube Proves To His Hater That Age Is A No.

'See Why She's My Queen. She Makes Magic'- Sello Maake kaNcube Proves To His Hater That Age Is Just A Number

Love is in the air. If you not dating and does not have a girlfriend your still left behind. You ask yourself why the South African awards winner Sello Maake kaNcube had to wait until his in 40s. The guy is in love and he has found his perfect one this time. You can tell by his status that this lady is the one for him.

Veteran Mzansi actor Sello Maake kaNcube has found love again at the age of 61. Pearl Mbewe is Sello's new wife and the two could not be more smitten with one another, everyone can see it. Pearl and Sello recently made their relationship public and have made it clear that nothing will waver their love for one another.

Sello has revealed his secrets why he love his wife Pearl. For those woman who are struggling to find love and those who find love but play wth man's heart need to hear this. Sello as his follower what made them decide to get married or to settle down for change in his Instagram page. He gush over his wife following why he choose to settle down with Pearl at his 61 years. At his age he should have been married long time ago, probly celebrating 2nd decade of married. Bear in mind that he was once married amd come of times with different woman but he only find love now.

Sello found love, peace, beauty with brainin the arms of his wife Pearl, and most important he said sje has self love and respect. The way she's beautiful both inside and outside he would listen to her as though it's the first time he saw her. She really fmdrives him crazy.

Sello really love Pearl without asking. Everything he has to say it's includes his wife. She is his marketing manager sje has been doing a great work in terms of marketing his brand. She knows her and that's the other reason why Sello loves her more.

It's not onkybhisnwife who inspires youth but also he himself does inspired those man who thought they will never find love n after being divorced several times. He was right when he said life begins at 49s his busy enjoying his life without any worried. He found love at hopeless places after so many divorces.

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