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Gomora| Phumlani wants Melusi to be his best man at his wedding with Thati

Will he agrees?


Out of all people that he can ask, not even his brothers or friends. Phumlani decides to ask Melusi to be his best man at his wedding with Thati. Phumlani knows the history between Thati and Melusi, i think the reason why he asked him it is because he just wants to see Melusi being hurt.

Phumlani is playing his game very smoothly and no one is standing on hos way right now. Melusi is currently not feeling comfortable or being friends with Phumlani since he found that he is now dating Thati. Where is Phumlani's friends to fill the space?

Phumlani should just say what he really wants from Melusi, because he has been playing mind games with him since his arrival in Gomora town. Phumlani wants Melusi to witness the moment he puts a ring on Thati's finger, and realise that it is over for good.

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Melusi Phumlani


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