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Uzalo update: The battle for leadership continues.

Nkunzi have managed to surpass everyone on Uzalo by regaining his house, cars and money, and have taken over the role of being no nonsense taker, a hard breaking machine that does not care if it is digging a coal or stones. 

Nkunzi could be in power now but their are culprits who are after his power set, one of the best candidate is MaNgcobo who seems settled and working on her own new way to the top. Advantage is having a daughter in the same house with the person we could consider a treasure (Nkunzi).

However not only her is after his money and property but also his own son Sebonelo. The underdog Njeza is a man we could consider too dangerous for Nkunzi at the moment especially with the fact that he shared bed with MaNgcobo.

Mbatha and Xhabanga used to be partners to help each other achieve the church's goals. But Mbatha became too obsessed with taking over at Kwamashu Kingdom Church. To an extend that he used cheap tactics to out smart Xhabanga. Who is using emotions to deal with situations.

Xhabanga is plotting to get his church back with the help of tricky Gabisile who killed his son and wife.

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