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[Tonight] Skeem Saam| Pretty faints when she realizes her secret is out

[Tonight] Skeem Saam| Pretty faints when she realizes her secret is out

While you're here, please follow me!

The cat is finally out of the bag and Pretty is about to dance to the music! Before that though, Pretty fainted and had to be rushed to hospital for the sake of her unborn child who she failed to abort before the family found out!

From the stare that Pretty gave on last night's episode after walking in the family meeting with Eunice, she saw her life flashing in her eyes and got overwhelmed; hitting the ground!

On tonight's episode, she is seen at a hospital bed with Eunice standing by her side. How Eunice has kept her cool and continued loving Pretty after she was blamed this whole saga by Pretty, is quite stunning. It shows that she really does love Pretty, even though she ends up being blamed for Pretty's decisions!

I'm thinking that when Mantuli realizes that Pretty fell pregnant in Joburg, she'll combine 2 and 2 and realize that Lehasa-who happens to be a ruthless businessman-is about to be in their lives forever and ever! Hopefully, the whole family does not blame Eunice for the pregnancy and just call her out as a bad influence who led Pretty info Lehasa's arms!

As for the Seakamela's and one Maputla (Kwaito), they had better use the energy they used to interrogate and advice Eunice to accept that their precious Pretty is with child!

Knowing Mantuli, she'll fear judgement from people she has been judging from season 1. Mantuli was always in everyone's business and always painted her children as being the standard, so knowing that Pretty fell pregnant for Lehasa-who she despises-will send her into a stroke that will force her back to KZN lol!

And Eunice is still by her side...🥰❤#SkeemSaam

Eunice is a friend indeed to Pretty

=>And Pretty is still ungrateful. She pinned the pregnancy on her, Blamed Eunice for getting pregnant. If I was in Eunice's Shoes I'd have given up on my friend already

I am sure she begged the doctor to keep her overnight 💀💀💀

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