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Natasha Thahane causes a stir with latest picture on Instagram

The South African born actress and media personality, Natasha Thahane, has been missing in action in as far as posting and showing up on social media networks is concerned. A myriad of her fans and followers missed her so much and they could not spare but gush their compliments on her latest which on Instagram. After the bullying and toxicity she faced on Twitter, Natasha Thahane has kept her life very private and has slowed down on being too present on her social media platforms. She is now more focused on being and enjoying her journey as a new mom and also work. Natasha has chosen to turn a blind eye to whatever that is being spoken about her on the media and chose to protect her peace.

Below is the picture which caused a stir after she posted it on her Instagram account. She is beautifully dressed and looks very stunning with her natural makeup and well straightened weave. She indeed is on point with her nails newly and nicely done. Her fans and followers could not stop complimenting how beautiful she is whilst some complained that it has been long since she showed up and interacted with them because they miss her. Below are some of the comments from the comment section on the above picture.

It is of paramount importance that media personalities withdraw a bit from social media when everything becomes very overwhelming for them and have some time to reset and retreat. This will decrease the high rate of depression and other mental illnesses in the entertainment industry. Mental health is very important and everyone should do everything in their power to make sure that they do have a good mental health.



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