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Tito Mboweni Got Grilled After People Noticed this On the Letter he Received From His Son.


Speaking of the former minister of finance, Tito Mboweni, he’s one of the most secretive people when it comes to his family. Many people have been asking if he has a wife or children, but can’t find the right answer because he keeps his relationship status private. Following all his secrecy and lack of any information about his relationships, many people have concluded that Tito Mboweni is a single man who is not into women and has no children at all. Another thing that makes people believe that he has no wife and children is the things he always posts on social media. Tito is always posting photos of himself busy cooking every week, and the things he cooks are evident that there is no woman around.


Just when everybody had concluded that indeed Tito Mboweni didn’t have a family, he shared a photo that left everyone mumbling. He posted an emotional letter that was sent to him by his son, thanking him for being the greatest father of all time. Many people were very surprised and some couldn’t believe it, as they had concluded that Tito Mboweni didn’t have a family. See the letter below:


After this photo was posted, Mzanzi noticed something that left many people talking. They noticed that Tito Mboweni’s son was using government stationery for personal use. This was noticed by the logo that is on the header of the page. Some even went on to say Tumi was crying when he wrote this last part because of a water mark on the paper. See some of the comments below:



Many people were not happy about this photo. They blamed Tito Mboweni, saying that indeed his children were living well compared to theirs because Tito misused government funds by the time he was in authority. He was grilled and called names. Some even went on to say that Tumi is just scared to tell him that he’s not happy with the way he cooks with too much garlic and green paper. That is why he warned him to take care of his health. 


There are stationaries that public servants receive for personal use, so people shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Tumi might be using paper from his father's diary or notebook. What are your thoughts on this? Do you see something wrong with Tumi using a Parliament note pad? Leave your comments below.

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