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How Kashmiere Culberson Became Famous Despite Being Born Without Arms (Photos)

A prominent YouTuber, Kashmiere Culberson from Dallas was born with a rare ailment known as Bilateral Phocomelia, which caused her to be born without arms.

Given how difficult it would be for Kashmiere to perform most domestic tasks, her condition might be regarded a challenge and an important milestone by many. Kashmiere, on the other hand, was extremely quick to adjust to her condition, and she began performing things with her hands as soon as she was able, even as a toddler.

(Kashmiere applying makeup with her feet)

Kashmiere can do everything from cooking to driving, shopping, and swimming, as well as writing, cleaning her teeth, applying cosmetics, and a variety of other household chores, all without the assistance of her family. She can also shoot a rifle with her feet.

(Kashmiere cooking with her feet)

Despite her illness, she continued her study, earning a bachelor's degree in psychology from Texas Women's University, according to media accounts.

It was via her YouTube videos of herself cooking, driving, and engaging in various other tasks that she became well-known. As she gained attention for her abilities in the handicap community, she amassed a large social media following. With just a few hundred subscribers, she quickly rose to more over 230 thousands subscribers on YouTube.

(Kashmiere writing with her feet)

In the same way that Kashmiere, who is physically handicapped, can defy all odds and do seemingly impossible tasks without the use of arms, you too can defy all chances and conquer a difficulty that appears to be too great for you with the help of God.

CLICK HERE to watch Kashmiere driving with her feet

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