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"Drama In Studio As Ailing Lady Confesses To Have Slept With Uncountable Men

Drama In Studio As Ailing Lady Confesses To Have Slept With Uncountable Men


In an interview, a woman who confessed to having been involved in whore activities for numerous years disclosed that she has slept with an untold number of men, a revelation that stunned the internet community. She further admitted to the BBC interviewer that she utilized protection throughout the act despite the fact that she was HIV positive. Regina Jane further stated that the majority of her clients may come to her and demand to sleep with her without any protection, and that they could offer a substantial sum of money in exchange for such a service. She defended herself by stating that she had entered into such a business primarily to provide for her daily necessities because she did not have any other source of income at the time. Furthermore, Regina stated that she was charging ksh300 for each male who slept with Her. It was later disclosed that she left the position because she realized that it was not good for her or for the males in her life at the time. She has also advised other women not to get involved in such unethical activities. She has also urged everyone to use caution if they become involved in love affairs with someone they do not know or trust, and to seek protection if they do.

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