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Lady Zamar Gives Relationship Advise

We frequently think of social media as the go-to destination for just about everything, and we're not wrong. However, musician Lady Zamar believes that social media is not the best place to seek personal counsel, particularly relationship advise.

The Collide hitmaker has warned her social media followers not to take what people say on various sites and use it to direct their relationships. When things get unpleasant, they should instead turn to the Bible.

She argues that social media teaches people that there is a limit when it comes love, kindness and understanding. Whereas the bible teaches that there is no limit, so people should turn to the bible instead. Boldly stating that your relationship is bound to fail if you look to the internet for how to save it. Instead talk to God.

Social media teaches limitations on love, kindness and understanding. It teaches forgiveness isn’t real and if you forgive you will be disrespected. The Bible teaches the exact opposite: love is unconditional, forgive someone as many times as they ask and never stop being kind.

She claims that social media teaches people that there are boundaries to love, generosity, and understanding. People should instead turn to the scriptures, which teaches that there is no limit. I'm going out on a limb and saying that if you look for ways to save your relationship on the internet, it's doomed to collapse. Instead, pray to God.

Limits on love, kindness, and understanding are taught on social media. It teaches that forgiveness isn't real and that if you forgive, you'll be treated poorly. The Bible teaches the exact opposite: unconditional love, forgiving someone as many times as they ask, and never ceasing to be nice.

Zamar then goes back on her word and gives her own relationship advice: "to be in a meaningful relationship, be with someone who consciously creates an environment that allows you to openly speak without fear of rejection, condemnation, or misunderstanding."

In my opinion, relationships need communication.. that doesn't mean tons of serious conversations means let's talk about dumb stuff and nonsense, maybe tom and jerry and tell me about your secret desires and freaky Friday fantasies and what stupid stuff you think about.. that's balance.

After the whole situation with Sjava happened two years ago, Zamar decided to go into hiding for a bit. Instead, she has limited her social media involvement to sharing uplifting messages.

This is what Lady Zamar has also said on twitter:


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