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Meikie takes the witness stand but things don’t end well for her

Meikie woke up very happy today and all her family members are wondering why she is such in a good mood in a very difficult day at court today. Beside her being happy she is also wearing a dress she was wearing the day the shooting happened. Mr Bopape Meikie’s lawyer forbids her from going to court wearing that dress.

Meikie takes the witness stand today as she explains how her relationship with Mantuli was before the whole incident and it shows how betrayed she was. Apparently Meikie experienced another panic attack but quickly took her antidepressant.

Fly came through for Leeto as he called for help yesterday after hearing the conversation between Sikes and Mary about how they going to make him and his family pay for everything they did. Apparently Leeto doesn’t like the fact that Fly called him during his mom’s session in court only to find out he brought guns with.

Alfios visits the Magongwa and tell them that Charles wants his to fix his Bakker since it’s giving him problems that were caused previously by Alfios. Alfios informed the Magongwa’s he might going into business with Glenda and they advise him to consult to them before signing any business deal.

It’s a happy day at the Seakamela’s after having a very tough week of not having enough food. Kwaito had to sell a gift watch that was bought for him by Thabo so he can make a living in the moment. Kwaito gets assaulted after 

Transnet scammers discuss how passionate and desperate Maureen is for the tender and also how they are going to block all the people they scammed after they send money.

Alfios is presented with a great business opportunity to partnership with the Maphosa nuts factory. Although the deal seem to be a great opportunity Magongwa choose to oppose.


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