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Mj gets tempted :Temptation island SA s1 episode 5

The new show primer on showmax every Thursday is a show testing the young couple's loyalty to each other. The show has a group of single ladies and guys to be temptations to the couples. In this season we see MJ of the way ngingakhona with his new lover Nthabiseng joined the show. MJ is known for his love for pretty ladies and he's also proud to say he's young and exploring. In the last reality show he was seen hopping in between inno And his baby mama, but in the last days of the show he appeared with Nthabiseng. The girl seems to be very confident and proud to be MJ's girl. In their interview why they joined temptation island Nthabiseng mentioned that they wanted to take their relationship to the next level and that MJ wants to propose so this show will also help them before their big step. They also had rules that they should follow in the house but in the 5th episode already MJ is taken away by 1 of the single's beauty Bontle. MJ is all over the girl. He seems deeply in love and they were kissing and holding each other the whole evening while others were playing games.

I wonder what will Nthabiseng say when she sees this during the bonfire session next week because she was so devastated during the last bonfire when MJ mentioned that Bontle had soft lips. She was asking herself how did he know about the softness of Bontle's lips. She looked like she was about to breakdown and cry and we won't be suprised if she cried herself to sleep that night .The 4th episode bonfire aswell she saw MJ going on a date with the same girl and being all Cosy with her, she said she was going to put herself first but we are yet to see that because she's still holding back during her dates and always making it clear that she is in a relationship.

From the last reality show knowing the kind of a man MJ is, he's gone! If Bontle is serious about being in love with MJ then Nthabiseng must just kiss MJ goodbye. She might aswell get herself someone in the house or prepare to leave the house single because by the look if things, MJ is taken by Bontle's beauty. Not unless he's just lonely. But that does not give him a platform to be all over someone like that while he knows he came to the show with someone. This show is realy a test because there's just many fish in the sea. Everyone wants a man or a woman. No body wishes to be single by the time they come out of that house . We hope MJ has really changed but we wonder what will Nthabiseng say when she sees what happened in the 5th episode while she's bragging about MJ and he does not even do the same. During MJ's conversation with Bontle he also mentioned that Nthabiseng has to know that he is exploring Bontle. MJ is really tempted and his eyes are now fixed to Bontle in the house.

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