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DJ Fresh Back With A Bang- He Makes big Announcements

Recently, DJ Fresh dropped his shiny new EP named Voice of Hope on every advanced stage. He additionally uncovered his gig guide which comprised of in excess of 6 gigs during the current end of the week as it were. One of his stops remembers Rockets for Menlyn, Pretoria. This comes after his profoundly expected meeting with Mac G and Sol on Podcast And Chill. 

During their plunk down, Mac G asserted that DJ Fresh has all the cash on the planet and as per the Big Dawg, that is a long way from valid. 

"I don't have all the cash on the planet. I was snickering a day or two ago with regards to how individuals talk about we are capitalizing on our leverage for this. You know whether I had a large portion of the impact individuals figure I do. Furthermore, it's straightforward and there is a framework and we will utilize the framework to demonstrate our blamelessness. 

"I wish I had one adjudicator on my speed dial. I don't have an adjudicator on my speed dial. Indeed, try to keep your hat on. At the point when this ish began. You realize we had around four or five individuals call us saying they are cops and they can make this thing disappear. They simply need 20,000. I resembled, I'm not going to pay you to make something disappear that didn't occur. Since that would be me conceding that we've accomplished something wrong. I've done nothing out of sorts. I have nothing to stow away and indeed on the off chance that it goes to court. There's a sizable amount of proof to show you that I was never in Pretoria with Themba at any of those spots in 2011 in July." He said. 

Following the claims evened out against him and Themba, Fresh said that he has never constrained himself on a lady. 

"I believe it's awful that even with all that you referenced. There's significantly more on the agenda that shows that there's a ton of untruths occurring here. Also, I figure it doesn't help that now you have this load of powerful individuals backing you saying go open a case. These individuals should go to prison. 

"I've experienced such countless feelings. At some stage, I was extremely irate. I resembled – how have I dealt with whom that I should go through all of this. At some stage, I even felt frustrated about her. That what have you experienced that you believe it's alright. Also, ready to do that as well as propagate it. I felt a huge load of feelings throughout the last eight or nine months." Said the previous 5FM DJ to a limited extent.



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