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" Mamkhize failed to buy Sithelo to stay silent, abuse is not the same as buying a team" -Rumani

" So Mamkhize failed to buy Sithelo to stay silent, unfortunately abuse is not the same as buying a team"

It is never a dull moment when Andile decides to shower us with his social life dramas that come out so negatively all the time, is it a sin to be a son of a rich qomanbin this country? Andile Mpisani who is know to be Mamkhize's son who has tons of kids is only famous because of his mother, he is married to Tamia but the drama in his life will always unfold in negative.

Sithelo is his ex girlfriend whom now accuses him of abuse, its a good thing she had him on records.

So you think it's wise dragging the mother for her son's act? You purposely trying to tarnish her image or you just hater who doesn't like the fact that she's a powerful independent woman who happens to love her Son unconditionally? Are you not loved at home?

" As a woman from an “Abusive” marriage is so disheartening to hear that all this happened under her watch, its clear that Sbu is Andiles father or let’s wait Sbu’s side of the story. "

What is the mother saying ? People are asking

But why is everyone expecting his mother to be involved in his son's scandals or expecting her to say anything, Andile is an adult and should not be always saved by his mother, he should take responsibility of his actions.

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