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Social Media is not nice, but make sure you use it for the good || Beautiful lady opens up.

Mimi Mokgosi, a stunning social media influencer, has finally discussed the challenges she faces on a daily basis and revealed how she copes with negative emotions. 


A stunning young woman by the name of Mimi Mokgosi recently became an internet sensation after she tweeted the following: "Social media is not a nice place, but make sure you use it for the good." [Tweet] You will find yourself laughing uncontrollably and remaining less informed about the fact that this is not a fashion trend because of the disadvantage that comes with having no knowledge of chronic conditions. She wrote, "I wish it was but that is a medical sock." 

Mimi Mokgosi is a courageous young woman who has triumphed over adversity in recent years. She is a survivor of a liver transplant and is currently coping with the uncommon health condition known as lymphedema. In spite of the challenges she faces on a personal level, she manages to maintain a successful career as a beautiful social media influencer, brand ambassador, and businesswoman. 


@Vusikhosa provided a heartwarming response by saying, "Don't over explain yourself to these people; they just arrived yesterday." (Don't over explain yourself to these people.) In other words, where were they when we purchased this sock for the nation? He asked them in his letter: "Where were they when you appeared on SABC 3 to explain the condition?" 

@KingViddy also sent kind words to Mimi; in response, he left a comment in which he said, "What more befuddles me is the nature of your illness." When we first see you, the swelling is concentrated in your right leg; however, two minutes later, the swelling shifts to your left leg.

In this condition, day-to-day life is extremely challenging. I feel for you lady. "But I hope you get better soon," he said in the message. 

Source: mokgosi/status/1541294279712276480?s=20&t=v3p-V78AAuUIEGW9t-RqEg

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Mimi Mokgosi


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