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Gomora’s Connie Chiume is alleged to be of Malawian descent, see here?


Did you know that Gomora actress Connie Chiume is of Malawian descent and once worked as a nurse and teacher? 

It is celebrated not only in Mzansi but all over the world. She has been making all kinds of headlines lately when she starred in Black Panther 2. Yeah! Connie Chiume is a renowned South African actress best known for her kind and loving role as Mamokete Khuse on Rhythm City. 

Connie Chiume is a South African actress who plays Mam`Sonto in the soap opera Mzansi Magic Gomora. As the queen of gangsters, she won hearts with her impressive performance of "Thati my baby." Here are some interesting facts about Connie Chiume from Gomora. 

The style of hers that she possesses attracts a large following, and she transmits it every time she appears on the small screen. She still looks glamorous and with her youthful face it is shocking how she is slowly aging. 

As shocking as she may sound, the multi-award winning actress has no acting training. Connie was born on June 5, 1952 in Welkom. Her father was Malawian and her mother Zulu. She attended primary school in Welkom and secondary school in the Eastern Cape. 

After graduation, she completed her training as a nurse. She went and embarked on a teaching career. In 1976, after Connie finished her teaching degree, she taught for some time. 

Her career in show business began in 1977 when she appeared on Sola Sola, a musical program that toured Israel and Greece. Unfortunately, entertainment these days was always her passion, acting and singing about her. 

But from her shock, she was shocked over and over again. Here are some interesting facts about Mam`Sonto 

1.from Gomora. Connie Chiume has been on our screens for four decades. Her acting career began in 1977 with stage performances and her best known roles were Stella Moloi in Zone 14 and Mamokete Khuse in Rhythm City.

The actress has appeared in Home Affairs, Khululeka (season 13), Yizo Yizo 3, Soul City, Housekeepers, and Generations, among others. 

2. Mam` Sonto starred in the international box office Black Panther. In case you missed it, it's time to rewatch the movie! 

3. Connie has three children. She has two sons and a daughter. Her daughter was a girl from The Queen whom Vuyiswa met when she was tested after she was raped. The young actress wants to follow in her mother's footsteps as an actress 

She is also a musician, "rapper from the east" as she calls herself. Connie showed nothing but support for her daughter. True to her character from Gomora as Mam` Sonto, Connie Chiume is also a loving grandmother! 

4. Mam`Sonto from Gomora is now an influencer. A true influencer! The actress has 62,000 followers on Instagram and has partnered with various brands, including Standard Bank. 

5. The Gomora actress is also a fashionista! She is always someone who slaps herself and makes sure to have the best locally designed dresses for events. Connie Chiume is a very elegant queen! 

6. She is a mother on screen, but she is committed to motherhood for the younger generations in the industry by investing in them. Connie Chiume runs acting workshops to help younger actors.

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