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PHOTOS : 5 Of The Most Muscular Women On Instagram.

We're willing to bet that some top male bodybuilders and influencers come to mind when you think about the most muscular physiques on social media. But, as any long-time M&F reader knows, muscle training isn't just for the lads.

There are lots of ladies in the gym who are pushing themselves to gain muscle and develop amazing physiques, working harder than the boys.

We combed social media for some of the fittest, most sculpted women on the planet, and came up with a list of girls who will undoubtedly inspire you to go to the gym a little (or a lot) harder.

1. Nataliya Kuznetsova.

Nat K is really not your typical female physique competitor. It's no wonder that the Russian lifter has over half a million Instagram followers. We wouldn't be surprised if she is the world's heaviest known professional female bodybuilder, according to many reports.

She is 5'7′′ tall and weighs over 220 pounds in the off-season, according to one of her Instagram postings. None of those pounds appear to be excessive.

2. Stefi Cohen.

Stefi Cohen, a powerlifter, physical therapist, and Instagram sensation, is unbelievably ripped, and she's much stronger than she appears. Cohen is a legend in the strength community, having set 25 all-time world records. She once set a world records in deadlifting 456 pounds, squatting 446 pounds, and benching 226 pounds at her most recent competition.

Her overall weight of 1,124 pounds set a new world record. As if that wasn't enough, she did it all while losing 15 pounds and competing at 114 pounds, her lowest weight in three years.

3. Dana Linn Bailey.

Dana Linn Bailey has a long history in the lifting world, having won the first Women's Physique Olympia in 2013. She still has a sculpted figure and co-owns Warhouse Gym with her husband, Rob Bailey.

4. Бахар Набиева – Bakhar Nabieva.

It's easy to see why Bakhar Nabieva has 2.8 million Instagram followers. The social media fitness star has some of the world's largest legs and the smallest waists, displaying a physique that any bodybuilder would envy.

5. Linda Durbesson.

Durbesson doesn't mess around in the gym, and she has the traps to prove it. Fans can't get enough of her incredible figure, as evidenced by her 43,000 Instagram followers.


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