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Daliwonga's cracked lips get tweeps talking

Daliwonga's cracked lips get tweeps talking

While you're here, please follow me.

Daliwonga is rumoured to be dating Dj Tarryn Reid Txc. Personally I don't know her but I'm not really invested in the DJing scene so I don't count.

One thing from the pictures though, is that the two make quite a beautiful pair because they are both good looking.

So, Tarryn is the one who posted the snap of her holding Daliwonga's face passionately but the ladies had to find a way to console themselves. Of course, social media people have doctorates in finding errors in everything so it wasn't long before they saw that there was something worth making negative commentary on.

On the shared snap, Daliwonga is seen looking a bit crusty on the lips and it did not go unnoticed. His lips look like they skipped lip therapy! If anything, he definitely does look like he'd do with Zambuk or Lip Therapy and that's exactly what got him trending on Twitter.

Tweeps made remarks about how he pays no mind to his lips, and probably fails to pay mind to more serious things. I mean, it's not an unfair judgement.

If you strike a match on those lips? It'll light. soulofto is being shady, but honest.

Lip therapy is only R16… MondeRSA1 shady but true, why is he neglecting his lips?

Those lips need Blue butter _LesegoMabote

If this guy laughs too hard there’ll be blood on your hands, gerald_mashego this was a bit personal but Daliwonga needs to take his lips a bit serious, especially if the picture is of him and a woman.

Thoughts? Is it the jealousy speaking or fans are just concerned over the health of his lips?

Thank you for reading. Please leave your comments in the comments section below and I'll engage!


April 14, 2022.

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