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OPINION|| The Total Cost of Khanyi Mbau's Body Enhancements

As everyone probably knows by now, other than her twerking, Twitter clap backs or controversial love relationships, one thing Khanyi Mbau is known for is the multiple body enhancements she has done over the years.

In America, they have Kim Kardashian leading up the pack with body enhancements but when it comes to South Africa, it goes without saying that Khanyi Mbau is at the top of the food chain in this lucrative industry.

Ever since she hooked up with her first boyfriend when she was just 1 or years above age, Khanyi Mbaub has certainly never looked back in terms of pushing her face to the maximum value it can attain.

On the new Khanyi Mbau's new reality show titled, 'Mbau Reloaded' episode 2, Khanyi was being interviewed by Khutso Theledi of Yfm and she she revealed all the enhancements she had done to her body.

According Mbau, she has even lost count of the things she has done to her body because altering her body is like putting on makeup for her. She continued telling Khutso that she does it to enhance her feelings.

Then she started revealing all of the body's enhancement she had done, she probably didn't mention some but this is what I picked up from the episode. She didn't go too much into detail but this is what she mentioned:

3 Breast Augmentation, 2liposuctions, 8 Tummy Tucks, Fillers on Face and Nose, Brow lift, Chin Implants and Skin lightning

I went out of my way and started doing a little digging to find out exactly how much each of these body alterations that Khanyi is obsessed about really costs. 

- 3 Breast Augmentation - R40K x 3 = 120K

- 8 Tummy Tucks - R40K x 8 = 320K

- Fillers on Face and Nose - R12K each

- Brow Lift - R2.8K

- Chin Implants - R46.85K

- Skin Lightning - R25K

- 2 Liposuctions - R57.2K x 2 = R114.4K 

So in total Khanyi spent around +(-) R660 250 for her body enhancements. Now lemme rephrase that again, Khanyi Mbau spent above half a million rand to enhance her body, damn! Talk about looking for perfection.

Obviously these are not exact figures but they give an overview of how much it takes to look like Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau even told Khutso that she has now reached the BARBEYDOLL level of beauty she's been talking about years ago, now she's aiming for the AVATAR level of beauty because AVATARS are mystical and interesting, she even joked that if she could turn her body blue, she would have. 

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