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RIP Baby Dlamini. See Who Will Kill Gladys Unborn Baby In #Gomora (Watch Video)

Rest In Peace Baby Dlamini. See Who Will Kill Gladys Unborn Baby In #Gomora

If you love watching Gomora make sure you don't miss any episodes of this October 2021 tears as they will be more tears that will breaks many soul. There is no onewho doesn't have secrets. If tour not strong enough you get burned as you failed to keep secrets.

A lots of drama is expected to take place between Gladys and Thathi after they had small arguments that will lead into fight. Gladys and Thathi are not good friends and they will never be. Melusi has chosen Thathi over his wife whom he marry because of the history he had with Thathi.

Gladys and Thathi will had a small fall out where it will result Thathi to push Gladys to hit a table with stomach. As we know that Gladys is pregnant and she never wanted a child. Sje even considered to abort the child as she said she does not any more babies.

Gladys will wake up at hospital where she will fighy for her life and the life of her unborn child. The Dlamini’s family will suffer a devastating loss of their baby. It be painful at first but it will be a relief to Gladys. Melusi will be the one who will suffer the loss. Gladys will be relief knowing very well what did she do. Instead of getting angry want justice for what Thathi did to her and the child she will feel light and finally reveals her big secret to Thathi.

Instead of loss bringing Gladys and Melusi together the truth will push Melusi to left Gladys again. Melusi will unwittingly choose Thathi again, over Gladys who needs him more that anyone else. It's Gladys right to decide whether there should be a funeral or not and who is invited or not. Melusi will be shocked when he learns about the funeral which could be expected after the loss of their child. Make sure you don't miss this part as there will be more drama expect. Gladys and Thathi are now even.

Thathi's guilty conscious will be killing her more special after what she did. She will decides to confess to Melusi thay sje us responsible for the death of his unborn child. Thathi will be haunted by her own conscience until sje end up telling him the truth and this might end up changing everything between them. Don't be surprised when you see Melusi givinh Thathi a cold shoulder, it's not easyni guess he still need more time to process everything she just told him. It might looks like Thathi and Melusi might decide to go on separate way fetch their lives in very different ways where at the end Thathi will kick Melusi out of the house.

Make sure you miss any episodes as we will see it all unpacked in Mzansi Magic Channel 161 Monday to Friday at 7pm.

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